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June 20, 2010


Mohamed Mughal

What a blessed idea. I didn't know that this was an issue in Malaysia. Informative post!

Account Deleted

Hi there. I am currently doing some public speaking assignment about baby hatch... and need to tell my audience about baby hatch: the reason for it. but i'm stuck on my point... i didn't get enough point. If you don't mind... can u help and share with me about this baby hatch things. I really appreciate it. Thank You.

Anand Raj Doraisingam

I am a malaysian, married with children and living in Spain. My brother in-law and his wife are interested in adopting children from Malaysia so that my kids and his prospective adopted kids would have a common cultural bond.What does he need to do. My in-laws reside in Spain.


Hi there. I am interested in adopting children. Can a single parents adopt a child?

Puspa Sivan

I am Puspa Sivan and would like to volunteer my services to care for the babies as I can see that you are doing it in a very professional manner and since I am an 'Infant and Toddler Development' Specialist I feel the need to support the programme.

Ong Hooi Chan

Both my husband & I are bankers & we don't have any child. I hope babyhatch can help us to adopt one child.


hello there..i have a friend that infected with hiv..can she adopt a child?

Noorliza Mat Sharif

Hi, how can we adopt baby boy?


we would like to adopt a baby .pls guide us how to apply and the procuders .TQ.


Hi there. I am interested in adopting a babby boy.
Can a single parents adopt a child?

i Am a Malay guy, unmarried and works as an accountant.


i am a single mother to 2 children,now i'm pregnant,my due date is 5/2 2012,unfortunately,my bf family did not allow him to be responsible.i cannot afford to take care of this child,what should i do??

sheela intersted in adopting a newborn baby boy...n if possible it should b a punjabi or nothern indian baby.... both my husband n i have been trying for the last 15 years for a child but in vain as even gynes r not able to esplain... would really appreciate ur help n generousity..thanks

umm summy

is it possible for UK citizens,non malaysia, who have been approved by the UK adoption authorities to adopt a new born baby from malaysia? how long would it take, what is the proceudre? there seems to be no information on this and lots of people are postin questtions and are desperate! jk, waslam


i already married for 5 years but still don't have one.And our basic income were just below rm2000,if that occur,is my adopting baby would be rejected.


My husband and I have a 5-year old daughter now and we are interested to adopt another child. We are from a Chinese family so a Chinese baby is preferred. What is the process?


we already get second married. we never get baby until now.i already done IUI.still never get baby. we decide to adopt a baby.we are from Indian family.pls give information

convert mkv to mp4

killing your baby is the worst thing you can do! It is a whole new person, how can one do this? Even if there is no money to raise it, you can give it away! Anyway it is better than killing... And giving a baby life and family is the best and most natural thing to do.
P.S. Thanks for this post!

Sue Ruban

Hi, Currently I am separated from my husband. I am in the education industry and have no one in my live, and I still yearn to have and raise a child. I am an Indian and is it possible for me to legally adopt a child. Any advise? I would raise the child as my own.

Kent Guan

Hi, I already married for 10 years and until now we dont had baby. We like to adopt a baby. We are chinese and am working in advertising sales. Please advise and hope you can help. Million thanks

aldriana francis

hi , im a single mother and i havent had any work . im pregnant again . but me and my bf is not ready to have the baby . i dont want to dump or kill the baby. i really need this baby hatch can help me . also my family cannot know that i am having baby now... its too complicated.


Hi, i m married for 3years now n we couldnt get child. We would like to adopt a baby girl. Pks guide us.

M Singh

Hi I am a malaysian but staying overseas am I able to adopt a baby as I have been trying for the past 10 years but unsuccessful. I still have my roots in Malaysia can you please advice and how long is the process please.


Hi, i am a kindergarten teacher and my husband is a IT consultant. We married for ten years and i had done two times IVF but still unsucessful to get a baby. We are looking for a chinese baby. Please advise me or guide me how to get the baby from orphan care. Thank you.


Hi, I am Singaporean expat residing in Malaysia for 5 years. Can I adopt a baby. I am single and it is frustrating that everywhere I inquire, I must prove that I have been married to qualify the adoption services. I hope you can help me.
Thank you.

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