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April 11, 2010


Fiaz Khan

Excellent write-up Imran and very funny!


Hi Imran! It was really a candid expression in your thoughts on nuke. Thanks for the words and vision !! My silence on your blog or mail has been mainly due to myself getting 'nuked' by H1N1 Flu which dogged me for months!

Thomas Diggins

Whoever disarms first wins the race - brilliant! Thanks Imran.

Asher Zafar

Great piece, but I don't think Pakistan's nuclear strategy is necessarily entirely focused on India, and one could apply lessons from North Korea's motivation for nukes.

Pakistan's relationship with the international community is so Love-Hate that the possession of a nuclear weapon is a deterrent against the threat of invasion or regime change once Pakistan serves its purpose in Afghanistan. A little over a decade ago, Pakistan was being punished with sanctions for its violation of the NPT. Now it's receiving billions in aid. This could easily reverse itself in 10 years.

If Pakistan had a no-first-strike policy, it would remove their deterrent against such a threat. I'm not saying it's right, but I can see the rationale. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Mohamed Mughal

So many state secrets in one place, Imran? You've left the Operations Directorate no choice but to move the Command Codes from behind the sun-visor to under the driver's seat...underneath the fennel seeds and paan.

Irfan Baluch

Pakistan needs the nukes.

and we are clear on our first-use policy if we come under any kind of attack.

Defence of Pakistan is holy for 180 million people. We are heavily armed nation.

I like your funny writing style. Make your next piece on the lack of safety at indian nuclear facilities

-dead kidnapped senior nuclear scientist (who may have given info to naxalites)

-theft of computers at indian nuclear facility

-staff giving nuclear poisoning to other staff at said facilities

-naxals are having strong presence in 1/3 of india. Just last week naxals shot 75 indian police officers and managed to escape


brilliant ideea..actually funny too. anyway, Pakistan is believed to maintain tight control over its nuclear assets, and it may have instituted special steps to deal with the current situation. nonetheless, the U.S. government and the international community should work to improve security over Pakistan's nuclear assets, both in the short and long term.

wmv to mp4

I sincerely hope that some day there will be no nuclear or biological weapon... We all live on the same planet, we don't need this

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