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October 24, 2009


Debby Carter

Oh Imran, I loved this blog almost as much as I loved reading your book!

I needed that laughter tonight. Thank you!


Your article is interesting to read.You have given your journey's experience in impressive manner.


Hey Imran, came back from a long train ride from eastern India to New Delhi a few hours ago! went instantly into the blogs of yours and they all sound wonderfully worded!! But do please drop the word Dr in my name ( in the pic with you and Hanif). I may be a Doc as an Editor but not for a good freind like you!!! Loved all your words and juicy expressions splashed around!!!!!


You are a great storyteller. It's so lively then I can reliving it. Very amusing.
Just check out you facebook. I will post some pictures from book launch in Jakarta


Dear Mr. Imran, it's 2 am here (in Indonesia !) and I just finished reading your book which I bought this evening. Somehow it reminds me to my online friend: Pakistani, from Karachi, and trying to get his permanent resident in UK by end of this year. So I think I need to drop a line in your blog telling how attractive your book is :)


Just towards the end of your book. Its such a good read and I can relate to it so much. Trying to search the net to find out if you did find the one!! LOL

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