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February 12, 2009


Andrew Brehm

"what the Israeli army just did in Gaza"

Your comparison doesn't work.

Wilder's point was that terrorist attacks happen because of what the Quran commands (if interpreted by violent idiots, in my opinion). That is, unfortunately, true. "Islamic" terrorists do indeed murder because they think G-d told them to do so.

Israel's attack happened because Israel was RESPONDING to an attack and it happened WHERE the first attack happened.

In contrast to terrorism, which is not supported by religion (i.e. Islam), self-defence is supported by religion (including by Judaism).

I don't care if you believe that Israel acted right or wrong in the case of Gaza. But the fact remains that Israel was attacked from Gaza and responded THERE. (And the fact that the Israeli-Arab conflict ever since Israel won the six-day war remains the least violent conflict in the region should tell you a lot about the methods Israel uses one she has the power to do what she wants.)

Terrorist attacks do not usually happen as a response against currently happening violence and are NOT targeted at the perpetrator of such violence.

When an Arab terrorist feels "oppressed" and travels to a Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, where he blows up a school or kindergarden, he does NOT fight to stop oppression because the kindergarden did not oppress him. Whatever injustice caused him to become a terrorist (even assuming that injustice really happened and he was not just triggered by religious fanaticism or nationalism), if he finds that injustice in a kindergarden and innocent children which he purposefully tries to murder, you know that his definition of justice is not yours or mine.

But if Israel attacks Gaza to hunt down the people that fired rockets at Israel, Israel is indeed not just trying to kill but to stop violence.

If you cannot see the difference, all your remarks about how you think that Judaism is a peaceful religion are not helpful.

I don't want my religion to be respected as peaceful, I want my nation to be respected as having a right to live.

You can insult my religion if you like, but you cannot compare my right to live with a terrorists' wish to kill civilians.

If it were possible for Israel to respond to terror attacks without hurting civilians, innocent or terror supporters, I would be happy if Israel used such methods. But in the real world this is not possible, regardless of how easily one can criticise Israel and find fertile ground for such criticism.

The Israeli incursion into Gaza was an unfortunate event, but after years of attacks from Gaza was necessary to stop those attacks.

I wish Israel had enemies that only react after years of attacks.

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