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UNIMAGINED - a Muslim boy meets the West

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November 19, 2008



Where can i buy a copy of your book?


"if you only knew one Muslim, and that particular one was a complete idiot – that would only confirm your negative perception."

and so it follows that knowing one Muslim who is brilliant and kind, who demonstrated the compassion and goodwill of his religion rather than the militant, murderous, misogynistic side, will shore up rational belief.


Just on one point in your post, there is a lot of research on bilingualism, and if a child has a strong grounding in their first language, they are more likely to acquire a second language. Why not encourage people to know and retain more than one language, in addition to English, it can economically and culturally benefit the U.K. Complete immersion is viewed as quite ineffective in many educational circles, as there are those who swim, but there are many more who sink. Bilingual learning, or multi-lingual learning, is not a bad thing if implemented correctly. In Luxembourg they learn in French and German, but speak Luxemburger (?) at home. I do get what you are saying, but I think that signs and information in many languages is an asset to the country. Australia does this. I am an English speaker and I live overseas, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that so much signage is Romanised.

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