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UNIMAGINED - a Muslim boy meets the West

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October 22, 2008


Bali Homeland

Hehe :) you look handsome with that sarong ...


I've really enjoyed your post about your terrible experience. Thanks for posting it!

John Evans


Jen Richardson

I took the photo of you and Sadanand Dhume. I thought I'd met you before!



sofia khan

engaging and sprightly account - best joke was the other life that could have been had by the school principal - imran ,you could have ended up in a semi in london attending biryani dinners every weekend - instead you are toiling away at the 4 seasons in Bali -something to be said for a little risk taking
regards sofia (confirmed non risk taker)


I couldn't help noticing... when gay people speak of our natural affections for persons of the same sex, we're accused of "flaunting" our sexuality in everyone's face, and we're told to keep it hidden so as not to make the heterosexuals uncomfortable.

Whereas it's perfectly fine for straight people to expand on their heterosexuality. Do they ever consider how heterosexualism is constantly flaunted in gay people's faces? I don't think so.

I am not picking on you, Imran Ahmad, nothing personal, bhaiya. It's just that this blog entry was an extra-acute reminder of such inequality.

One of the main characteristics of privilege is never needing to be aware of it... taking it for granted... whereas for those deprived of it, one is constantly made aware of it...

Intersectionality of oppression is essential for groups who are discriminated against in various ways to talk with one another... as a Muslim of color in the West, Imran, you write eloquently of your otherness as a minority. The oppression any one of us faces for being who they are in no way invalidates or trumps the oppression faced by others... I was just reading Aswat, the Palestinian lesbian group, quoting Gloria Anzaldúa about being a "minority within a minority within a minority": female, gay, and Chicana/Palestinian... analyzing how many layers of oppression there can be at once.

Not getting on your case for your male heterosexual privilege, Imran, just a plea for awareness that our many forms of oppression intersect in countless ways...

Jannah... a queer female Muslim in the west

Account Deleted

Ha ha ha.. great post!
I love your jokes and i enjoyed reading your book.

Have a good day :)

Bali Villas

Awesome post.I really like it.


I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this post.I stumbled on this completely by accident and it turns out that I have read your book which I enjoyed very much. Hope you have been back to Bali. It is a magical place if you simply focus on its wonder. Cheers

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