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UNIMAGINED - a Muslim boy meets the West

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August 24, 2008




I wandered over from Linda Grant's The Thoughtful Dresser blog and now I've pre-ordered your book. It won't be out in America until October, so it will be a nice surprise when I've forgot all about it and it arrives out of the blue.

All best wishes to you from Joshua Tree, Mojave Desert, California.

Ms Baroque

God, what a great post.


Great post. I laughed all day. Took me all day to read, as well. When is it coming out in paperback?

Sally Welham

We saw you last year at Edinburgh. If I had known you were returning we would have come to see you again! All the best for the future.

Sally Welham

It was great bumping into you at the book festival on Saturday night. I do hope you have recovered from being accosted by two strange women. Hurry up with the next book! I need a good laugh.Sally

Miss Cavendish

Great fun! I have friends who live in a yurt (as opposed to simply eating pastries in one) and they love it. I'll have a look in the US stores for your book. Is it available internationally?


Very amusing post indeed! And I haven't finished yet. Couldn't help but think of Rowan Atkinson.

As for availability of U.K. titles in the US, I took Linda Grant's advice and ordered through the Book Depository. Free delivery anywhere in the world and still competitive pricing!

Paul Higham

D*mnably funny reading. Excellent to hear things are going well, and sorry to have missed you in Edinburgh.

Matt Harvey

Another hugely enjoyable read - many thanks for sending the link.

I feel very envious of you going to these international book fairs. But I am dealing with it in an adult way.

I hope you come to Ways With Words in Dartington one of these days. I'm sure you would be a big hit.

Liz Broomfield

Brilliant - thanks for sending me the link! I'll pop it on my blog, I know a lot of readers were interested in Unimagined. Another book for my wishlist too... hmm...

Keep up the good work! When's the next book coming out?

Maria McCarthy

Thanks for sending me the link - v funny. You should do Bath Literature Festival in 2009 (I am, just got booked in today) - Daphne du Maurier and Warwick Words were also excellent - it's good cos get to add to my fridge-magnet collection. Not got an Edinburgh one yet!

Maria McCarthy

Oh yes, and Ways With Words too (don't know why I forgot it given that I live in Devon) - that's v gracious and classy!

Jonathan Pinnock

Terrific post. I'd forgotten how much I'd enjoyed "Imagined". When's the next one coming out?

Jonathan Pinnock

... or even "Unimagined" :(

Abida Malik

Hi Imran!

Not sure if I should compose myself before i start gushing about your book...(takes a breath to ensure words sound scholarly and learned).

I have recently read your book and the way you capture the pakistani migrant experience...brilliant.

Your flair for seemless writing, humour and insight creates a immediate connection with the reader. It was an amazing rollercoaster of emotions..from laughing out loud to seething anger at the blatant racism you experienced. Most of all, your book honoured the experience of growing up pakistani muslim within the west. It gave the childhood that we all similarly experienced, a voice.

Thank you for writing this book and Im so sorry to have missed you when you were in Australia. (It would have helped if I had read you book then and had known that you were coming)


Good blog! I can't believe I read the whole thing! It doesn't sound like you're married. How come?


When are you coming to Canada?


Hi from Indiana
just read your book, wonderful, funny, honest, and refreshing.

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