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UNIMAGINED - a Muslim boy meets the West

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May 31, 2008


Matt Harvey

THat's a very funny story - there, is the healing going any better?

Good to hear you had such a warm reception in Sydney. WEll, it is an excellent book, as I hope I've said already...
best wishes
Matt Harvey

Benito Di Fonzo

Glad you had a good time in our little town Imran. Was good to meet you when I crashed the Allen & Unwin launch (I was the tipsy Irish-Italian poet, remember.)

Look forward to perusing your tome some time soon.

I wouldn't worry about your canape incident - in Oz it's considered a thing of great pride to be able to catch food on your foot. Of course, if you had missed your foot altogether and soiled the kangaroo-skin carpet you would have been incarcerated in that little prison in the harbour for the term of your natural life.

Anne McCabe

Imran, I'm your independent witness! I was at your event on Sunday. It was wonderful. I enjoyed it so much and so did everyone else, judging by the laughter and the energy in the hall. Please come again!!! I bought your book but didn't get it signed, silly me. I loved it. When is the nest one coming out? Love, Anne

Bruce Elder

Imran, it was a joy to meet you and a delight to listen to your excellent readings from the book. The audience were so receptive and they truly appreciated the warmth and good humour of the stories. I think the whole thing went very well and, as I left, I noticed with delight that there was a long queue lining up for signatures. This is a great beginning. I look forward to reading Volumes 2 and 3. I knew it was a great book after a couple of pages. How was I to know that the author would be so gracious and charming? Well, I guess, it is in the book.

khalid idrees

Salaam Imran bhai,
I am not an independent witness, but all your events were absolutely successful, especially with Bruce Elder. We really enjoyed that event and we are very proud of you. I am not sure about your Canberra event - how successful it was? Your visit is not successful on family grounds - we had only 10% of your time, only Monday, but I really enjoyed that Monday. Nice trip to Blue Mountains and I promise myself I have to go there at least two or three times a year. We looking forward to seeing you again soon insh'Allah
Khalid, Shakira, Omar, and Zain

Sofia and Ali Akbar

If you didn't attend the Sunday session at SWF then you missed out!Over 250 fans enjoyed the funky loft setting and incisive interviewing. Not to mention the authors reading that included the infamous pyjama puzzle. We were shocked to not be your only fans!
We love your writing as it articulates our childhood angst. Born in the West,brought up by parents from the East and expected by both to somehow fit in.
It was a pleasure to meet you and hope to see you again soon
Salaams and Regards

Irfan Yusuf

Judith and you will make a fine couple! You can be known as Mr & Mrs Lucy!

Farhan Arif

I was very happy to be part of that amazing audience! :)
Also amazing was the clarity and innocent humour of Imran's readings and I could identify with so much of his childhood, it was astonishing.
I am happy also to be able to see myself and my love interest in 4 photos on here of that Sunday's event! :)

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