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UNIMAGINED - a Muslim boy meets the West

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November 16, 2007


Kate Allan

Great reading last night, Imran and it was lovely to meet you. I enjoyed Unimagined very much.


Imran,you was robbed, but how generous you are in defeat. This had me howling with laughter and I seriously hope you have another book up your sleeve. Perhaps Imagined - My Life If I Had Won the Karachi Bonny Baby Competition. I mean it could have led to the life a super model who knows?

Imran Ahmad


Not at all!

'Still Here With Me' is a deeply moving book, and best fulfils the criteria for the YoungMind's award.

It was wonderful to see the complete surprise on Suzanne Sjoqvist's face - I don't think the thought that she might win had actually crossed her mind. She came across as a very nice person - the antithesis of arrogance.


Imran, your reading was the highlight of the evening. The 3 minutes and 45 seconds went by so fast. No-one would have minded if you had read for two hours! No wonder there was such a queue to buy your book.

I am kicking myself - I didn't get mine signed!

Barbara Herts


I loved your book and your readings. It brought back vivid memories of my own childhood. Thank you for your wonderful reading. Please will you sign my copy!

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