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Author of 'The Perfect Gentleman' (originally published as 'Unimagined')


Imran Ahmad was lucky enough to attend Hampton Grammar School, but too lazy to get the grades he needed to get into medical school. Instead, he ended up at Stirling University in Scotland, learning about Chemistry, Islam and women. Ultimately he was quite successful in Chemistry and became quite knowledgeable about Islam as well.

At the careers office he saw pictures of people in business suits, travelling around the world having meetings. (This looked like fun to him, but he wasn't sure what the people in suits actually did.) He succeeded in persuading one of those big global companies to hire him into their graduate scheme in London, and ended up working all over the world. Imran’s career began in Finance and later transitioned to Information Systems – a subject he finds quite baffling. Fortunately, no one has realised that he knows little about computers. (He is also a qualified accountant, but he prefers not to mention this.)

In his book, Unimagined – a Muslim boy meets the West, Imran charts his course through school, university and into his first job, exploring with poignant humour and painful insight the dilemmas of a Muslim boy growing up in Britain. Unimagined has had some stirring reviews and was chosen by Sue Townsend in The Guardian as her book of the year.

Imran likes to drink coffee in Starbucks and sometimes he can be found on the Appalachian Trail somewhere between Georgia and Connecticut, or on a mountain in Scotland. He also enjoys reading, music, and walking around both strange and familiar cities. Imran is a social rebel – he opens the window when he’s on one of those stuffy older trains between Surbiton and Waterloo.

Imran is on the Board of British Muslims for Secular Democracy, a diverse organisation which opposes the imposition of theological values on any individual, group or gender.