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October 24, 2007



It seems to me more and more that to be an editor one must have to have all the finer human feelings amputated. Do they have no idea just how much pain they must be inflicting - and not just in this case? Do they not see that none of it helps in any way? This is about as kind and humane as the Roman circuses, and about as much use.

Imran Ahmad

Dear Jean,

You are absolutely right. I've looked at the front pages every day, and I just can't get over how inhumane they have become, for the sake of a story.

Are we again in a time of 'bread and circuses' - to keep the people content? Have we become savages in designer clothes?


It's a matter of circulation numbers, isn't it? Editors want headlines which grab Joe Public's attention. Sadly, it seems that Joe Public and his dear wife want only the most depressing and negative news.

We're moving too far from reality - people have lost touch with the basic values of a caring community. We have boring lives ourselves - enclosed as we are in our little spaces with screens on every surface - so we jump on whatever bandwagon happens to be handy; be it so-called "reality" TV shows, lurid headlines or whatever. We pretend to ourselves that we KNOW celebrities, that we KNOW the royal family, that we KNOW those tragic families who lose their children to disaster. This way, our lives are given a little meaning; we have the appearance of drama in our lives...when in reality nothing much happens.

We get wound up when we read about child cruelty, and we bang on the white vans taking paedophiles to court - but we don't have the energy or the imagination to do something constructive in our communities to help keep children safe and busy.

We despair when we hear that an old lady has been dead in her home for a month, but we don't want to "intrude" on our own elderly neighbour's life lest someone accuse us of interfering. Much simpler to sigh and wail over the papers.

These are strange times. Apathy rules - and with that comes the desire for easily digested, undemanding fare. Many editors are only too happy to provide that.


This is a breath of fresh air in this horrible media hysteria.

If we had some facts, we could have a meaningful discussion.

But no 'facts' ever seem to persist - only the horrible speculation. But like you say, if they repeat the speculation enough times, it becomes 'facts' in people's minds.


Very clever stuff, but I guess you do need to open your eyes, single parents and 'jo public' certainly would have had their remaining children taken off them, ever heard of Doctors-the great am I? thats what some of them believe they are.

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