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UNIMAGINED - a Muslim boy meets the West

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April 20, 2007


Bob Spowart

What a fantastic, well put, explanation of why things in Iraq have gone so awry.
However, it does beg the question. If the comparatively minor abuses by US and UK military personnel are so abhorrent, particularly after corrective and punitive actions were taken against those responsible, why did the Islamic world tolerate for so long the abuses of Saddam Hussein?

Imran Ahmad


I’m afraid that the answer is they didn’t care. In so-called Islamic countries (and Third World countries) there is no concept of human rights and justice for all. They all commit abuse of certain groups and everyone assumes this is how life is supposed to be.

Whilst it is true that the abuse which has occurred was an unfortunate exception rather than the norm, that is not how Al Qaeda will have portrayed it when they used it for propaganda purposes. If someone doesn’t ‘know the West’ they won’t know any better.

This ‘war’ was always going to be much harder to win than certain people anticipated.


This is the most fatuous and silly thing I've yet to read. I am not sure how far up one's own back the head has to be to come up this kind of crap.

But tell me Uncle Tom, was the Daily Mirror the last place where you noticed pictures of British abuse?

If your answer is Yes, you are an ignorant jackass, if your answer is No, you are a cynical jackass.

Some people have all the luck, eh?

Imran Ahmad

Dear Muhammad Idrees Ahmad,

Thank you for your kind, eloquent and articulate comments.

Calling someone an 'Uncle Tom' is a shallow and lazy way of insulting them for taking a position which YOU believe is not what a person of that race should have. In other words, you believe that one’s race should determine one’s politics and if a dark skinned person deviates from the established common position, then that person is an ‘Uncle Tom’.

What does that make you?

In my article, I make it very clear that I am NOT discussing the merits of the decision to go into Iraq, but rather how the ‘war’ has been lost, due to a multiplicity of stupid actions.

I propose that the situation in Iraq is too chaotic to be described as a ‘civil war’. It is much worse, as there is no-one effectively to negotiate with.

I criticize the abuse, the decision to fire all Iraqi public sector workers (500,000 people), the twitchy trigger fingers of some American troops.

I am not saying that abuse has not taken place, but that the existence of, and publication of, such abuse has made winning the ‘war’ virtually impossible.

I assert that the frivolous publication of false abuse pictures is an act of sheer stupidity.

I demonstrate, by reference to Sue Townsend's book, how misunderstandings and assumptions can be deadly.

I articulate clearly that this is a complex situation and that some elements are using certain events and material to propose that ‘the West’ is engaged in a deliberate ‘war against Islam’, and this belief creates a rationale for suicide bombing.

Do you disagree? Are you saying that ‘the West’ IS engaged in a ‘war against Islam’?

I am a committed non-Zionist, but I will not buy into crass over-simplifications of the global situation. Nothing is completely black-and-white, except to conspiracy theorists.

On your website, you allege that the BBC was blatantly pro-Israel in its coverage of the Israeli attack on Lebanon last summer. But the Zionists always accuse the BBC of anti-Israel bias. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in-between?

On your website you state that Tony Blair is responsible for the July 2005 bombs, and Gordon Brown is responsible for the failed June 2007 bombs. So you are saying that the bombers/terrorists/murderers aren’t to blame? You are justifying their actions as reasonable?

Please do let me know if I have misinterpreted you.

Yours sincerely,

Imran Ahmad

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